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What is Greenhaven?

Greenhaven is the rapidly growing city hood movement for unicorporated South DeKalb. With a population of nearly 300,000 citizens, Greenhaven would become the 2nd largest city in the State of Georgia. As a result Greenhaven, GA would become an important business, political, and economic hub for the entire state.

Below are the two primary organizations working towards making Greenhaven, GA a reality for it's citizens.

Imagine Greenhaven

A non-profit organization focused on community outreach and getting the City of Greenhaven referendum passed in the state legilation.

Greenhaven Business Alliance

An advocacy group consisting of local business owners who are driving econnomic opportunities and development for all of South DeKalb, Georgia.

Where is Greenhaven, GA?

Greenhaven, GA is in the southwest corner of DeKalb County, bordered by Atlanta to the west and Stonecrest to the east. In general, Greenhaven will consolidate DeKalb County, Georgia south of U.S. Route 78 excluding the cities of Lithonia and Stonecrest.

City Services

New cities must provide at least three (3) services to incorporate. Greenhaven will provide the following:

Code Enforcement

Responsible for the inspection and enforcement of residential and commercial properties.

Zoning and Planning

Responsible for the review and processing of zoning requests, vacancies, permits, amendments, and annexations as well as the custodian for maps and long-range planning.

Parks and Recreation

Responsible for providing clean, safe, and well maintained green spaces for the public; and, provide recreation programs for youth, adults, seniors, and special needs citizens.

Stop hoping for change and become a part of it!

Greenhaven, GA has everything required to become an international city. Below are a few quick statistics:

Annual Revenue
7 U.S.
Opportunity Zones
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